Beware before buying GST Software

Are you planning to purchase a Business Accounting Software??

If yes then beware & be sure to consider these following points:

  • Is the Software going to increase the permanent quality of your business?
  • Will the Software help you to improve your business decisions?
  • Will the software help you to manage the needs of HSN Code Driven Inventory?
  • Is the Software Company providing a good technical support in the long run??
  • Will GST Returns be possible?

Beware before buying GST Software

As everyone is aware that GST is getting implemented from 1st July 2017, so there are few points which especially Marg users should keep in mind before the implementation of GST. If the Marg users follow these steps then it will ease their billing process in GST from 1st July 2017 onwards. The steps which every Marg user needs to follow are mentioned in the video.

GST Implementation in Marg ERP Software `{`Hindi`}`

Marg ERP has come up with some easy and simple steps which will help & guide you towards implementing GST in Marg ERP 9+ Software. In order to implement GST in Marg ERP 9+ Software, please watch this video.

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